Smart Waste Bins

MASTEC Smart Waste Solutions provides IoT based products and services helping to raise the efficiency of the waste industry.
Our solutions empower cities to become clean and green.

CleanCUBE, the solar-powered trash compactor

CleanCUBE is a solar-powered trash compactor which can hold up to 5 times more waste compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%. It is compatible with standard 120L and 240L wheelie bins for easy and safe trash removal, and it also communicates information it collects in real time through wireless transmission to CleanCityNetworks, our cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform. CleanCUBE can be equipped with various optional features such as graphic wraps and a WiFi router.

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Smart Waste Bins » Smart Waste Bins
Up to 5 times more waste
Powered by solar energy
Wheelie bin compatible
Wireless data transmission
Safety sensors
GPS location tracking

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