120L Smart Waste Bin

Smart Waste Solutions

Solar-Powered Waste Compactor

  • A compaction system with 300kgf allows to collect up to 5 times more waste compared to ordinary waste bins.
  • CleanCUBE is designed to fit perfectly in different environments from small lanes to parks and shopping centres. The product is easy to be used and installed both inside and/or outside.
  • CleanCUBE is more durable than before and FOTA, ToF Fill-level readings and interchangeable parts have been added as additional features.


  • Force : MAX 300kgf
  •  Compression Cycle : Approximately 60Sec
  • Motor : 1/12-HP DC Motor(60W)
  • Drive System : Geared motor with X-frame (patented)
  • Fill-Level Measurement : ToF Distance Sensor

Safety Features

  • Hand detection safety sensor
  • Smoke detection sensor and fire suppression
  • Access locks for front door
  • Polycarbonate protective cover for solar panels

Safety Features

  • Communication: 3G / 4G Module
  • Location: GPS Module
  • FOTA applied(Firmware Over-the-Air)

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