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Hobson Bay City Council’s new 4-bin residential collection service

MASTEC rolls out new bins for Hobson Bay City Council’s new 4-bin residential collection service

Following the Victorian Government’s recent mandate for the introduction of a new 4-bin residential recycling and waste collection service for households across the state, leading Australian bin manufacturer MASTEC has rolled out some of the first new residential glass recycling bins for Hobsons Bay City Council in Melbourne’s inner south-western suburbs.

As well as rolling out over 38,300 of the new distinctive purple-lidded glass recycling bins, MASTEC also delivered an additional 17,000 new 120 litre FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bins, together with over 38,300 MASTEC® KO Kitchen Organics Caddy Bins to residences across the City as part of the Council’s new Recycling 2.0 initiative.

Although it is likely that individual bin capacities and collection schedules will vary between councils to meet the needs of specific communities, the four bins will feature ‘standardised’ lid colours for easy identifications, namely:

  • Purple Lid – Glass Recycling
  • Light Green Lid – FOGO (Food Organics & Garden Organics)
  • Yellow Lid – Plastic, Metal and Paper Recycling
  • Red Lid – Household Waste

Most importantly, the new 4-bin system is not only expected to play a significant role in helping to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill across Victoria by an estimated 80% over the next 10 years, it will also provide a major catalyst for the expansion of Victoria’s circular economy. Together with the obvious environmental benefits, this growth in the circular economy is expected create an additional 3,900 jobs in the sector over the next 10 years.